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That is one question that everyone would like to know, but is afraid to question his peers or friends. Being great while having sex means doing every one of the right items that helps to make the girl go crazy. Making each of the moves that drives the lady wild with multiple orgasms and makes her beg for more. Being great during sex also ensures your ex worships her man and hangs to him till he wishes her to. However best sex position for small penis will not come naturally to men and it is, in fact a painstakingly acquired skill. These 3 tips should go further in making you real dynamo during intercourse...


You need to keep the communication line open using your girl all the time. Without effective communication you will not ever understand what your girl's preferences are. Touches that please her and the ones that are turn offs may be ascertained provided that are a fantastic communicator.


A female is capable of doing achieving multiple orgasms in a single session as well as one to require that long is in close proximity to impossible. However, if you can to create her to a couple of orgasms through your foreplay it'll make your job that much easier once you actually penetrate her. There isn't any shortcuts to pleasing girls and sex is as much mental because it is physical. Stimulate her brain and her body simultaneously; remember that mental performance is another sexual organ. A longish foreplay that features oral sex is the foremost approach to bring her to a couple of orgasms ahead of the actual act. Leave her with clitoral and vaginal stimulation along with your tongue and fingers. Locate her g-spot and rub it gently and slowly boost the tempo till she explodes in orgasmic delight. After your woman has achieved two rounds of orgasms you have to be ready to penetrate her in the position she prefers. This will give her a feeling of empowerment and then she will feel in control. Use ways to fight off premature ejaculation and time it with hers.

Don't shut off following a great lovemaking session-

As mentioned in point number one following your lovemaking ends let her know simply how much you enjoyed it and show your caring and loving side to her. Ensure it is known to her that her happiness matters for your requirements more than anything and hold her near your system.

Women don't relax as speedily as men and long afterwards the sex has ended they continue to have the post orgasmic bliss and it is incumbent giving you to share that experience by holding her close.