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Ours is surely an age of transparency. This philosophy of information and light has driven Bulgari to discover a new dimension which the newest expression, named Octo Tourbillon Sapphire, epitomises the quest for balance and sweetness.

This spectacular creation comes with a new interpretation of the formal purity of the octagon. The eight-sided geometrical figure, conveying loads of cultural and spiritual symbolism, may be viewed as a resource of perfection for hundreds of years, in Antiquity and throughout the Renaissance. In the wake of varied formal variations around the Octo theme, it reinvents itself in 2017 with this particular new case distinguished by its modern, urban proportions.

The brand new case, unveiled with all the Octo Roma line, is naturally inspired with the motifs adorning the Basilica of Maxentius. The Roman roots of Bulgari, a jewellery Maison endowed with skills admired for over 130 years, can not be concealed. Remember at Bulgari, there isn't any question of separating form and substance. The exercise of modelling shapes and seeking ideal equilibrium in design are certainly not undertaken because of their own sake, but always as a technique of matching functionality. Likewise, efficiency isn't sought for the sake of mere pride in performance. Everything is to start with about balance and wonder.

The formal purity on this exceptional Watch News has become specialized in expressing a whole new watchmaking vision: allowing light to flood in in order to showcase mechanism by having a beautifully modernistic and innovative approach.

An authentic and spectacular architecture With its transparent case-back and dial, this spectacular 44mm-diameter timepiece made from titanium having a black Diamond Like Carbon (D.L.C.) treatment, offers enthusiasts the full visual immersion into its inner workings. The mechanical manual-winding flying tourbillon movement, Caliber BVL 206, appears at the heart in the watch with 11 black DLC-coated bridges adorned with green bars of ITR2 - one particular composite material laden with carbon nanotube particles along with a hardness just like steel - and SLN, a high-tech luminescent material enabling the watch to offer off during the night all the light they have received during the daytime. The bridges forming the hour-markers are a wholly original feature. They therefore serve to bear and hold the movement available, as well as serving as functional elements to read by from the hours and minutes, along with decorative features contributing to the singular identity with the watch. In addition, the Octo Tourbillon Sapphire carries a clever development concerning its time-setting operations: pressing the crown displays a red dot in a aperture at 3 o’clock, thereby signalling how the time could possibly be set through turning the crown. As soon as the operation is complete, another press causes the dot to vanish and locks the time-setting mechanism.

On the cheap informed connoisseurs, this model thus even offers an advanced expression of horological excellence, seemingly going to life under the gaze of the baby observing it, thanks to the regular and engaging beat of the tourbillon. Its daring and luminous decoration also causes it to be an exceptionally fascinating illustration of contemporary design. Attired in a highly on-trend, resolutely Italian shade of black, this watch is secured to the wrist by the matching black alligator leather strap having a folding clasp, which has a classic appearance concealing a rubber lining that ensures perfect comfort for the wrist.

Together with the Octo Tourbillon Sapphire, Bulgari is continuous its personal definition of horological excellence. A definition characterised by perfect transparency.