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“Dustin Johnson is recognized for his perfect timing - along with power, control and precision. Golf watches exist, nonetheless they are usually digital. His influence and influence on the sport inspired Hublot’s new golf watch. Mechanically advanced, brilliantly functional, contemporary look and straightforward to utilize, it is a fusion of Hublot’s philiosophy and DJ’s signature; simple, intuitive and very effective." Ricardo Guadalupe, CEO Hublot

The Swiss watchmaker has teamed up with world #1 Golfer Dustin Johnson to unveil a wrist watch that's focused on the best precision sport - golf. Hublot has designed, developed, manufactured and assembled a module to equip its new UNICO movement, which was specifically made for golf. The MHUB1580 movement allows golfers to seamlessly calculate their score whilst on course. Hublot’s mechanical golf watch features aperture displays and it is ultra-lightweight, providing true sports performance.

Dustin is viewed by many people as a phenom in the realm of golf. His style and ability have revolutionized how the game is perceived and he has become the main point on a new era for the sport. Hublot did the same for watchmaking and prides itself on its pioneering approach to creating standout timing masterpieces. Together, their bond look set to shake up the globe! They share an idea and elegance which are undoubtedly effective, otherwise exactly orthodox. Dustin and Hublot, golf and watchmaking both about precision, timing and perfection. These are the response to hard work and perseverance, pushing the boundaries as well as a tireless search for excellence. Together, these are proud to unveil the top Bang Unico Golf. An authentic all-in-one golf watch.

“The Big Bang Unico Golf carries a contemporary design and is user friendly. It has digital displays and is also very light - less than 100 grams about the wrist. It's got everything that I'd like from the golf watch which is the right fit.” Dustin Johnson, Hublot Ambassador, Major Champion and World #1

Hublot accomplished a real-life test by inviting its friends to determine along their drives against that regarding Dustin Johnson on a simulator. A good challenge, because the world’s top rated golfer pushes the Trackman technology for the limit regarding his extraordinary strokes!

The case from the Big Bang Unico Golf is carved from Texalium®, a progressive material, exclusive to Hublot, which is an amalgamation of carbon fiber and aluminum. This excellent composite gives the watch its lightness The wrist watch weighs about 98 grams!

The Big Bang Unico Golf has got the appearance of a chronograph and has been conceived being a chronograph. Its movement features return-to-zero heart piece cams that make sure the counting mechanism is robust and reliable. The putter-shaped pusher at 2 o-clock activates the mechanism for displaying the amount of strokes taken and counts the strokes per hole. The pusher at 4 o’clock permits the wearer to go about the next hole by resetting the stroke counter to zero. The counter at 6 o’clock displays the complete variety of strokes played and is simultaneously updated. The pusher at 8 o'clock is formed like a tee. This resets the mechanism and sets the counters to zero after the round. In the round, this button may be locked by rotating it by 45°, thus making sure that it isn't inadvertently activated. The MHUB1580 full-skeleton movement allows the wearer to admire and know how this wrist watch works. The Swiss Watches incorporates two interchangeable wristbands fitted together with the Single click system. One is manufactured from white leather sewn on rubber and designed as being a golf glove, while the other consists of technical fabric with a Velcro fastener to ensure the watch sits perfectly for the wrist.

A hole-in-one for Hublot using the Big Bang Unico Golf!

About Dustin Johnson

Last year, Dustin Johnson, also called "DJ", entered the annals of golf by learning to be a Major champion regarding his win in the 2016 US Open. From a series of close calls, his talent was finally rewarded using a victory at one of many game’s most prestigious events. Beyond capturing his maiden Major win at the US Open, DJ enjoyed a fantastic season, also winning the globe Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational and also the BMW Championship. Contained in the American team, he secured the Ryder Cup eight years after their last triumph, in a dominating display over the Europeans. 2016 saw Johnson confirm his status as part of the game’s elite, rising up of the world rankings, winning the PGA Tour Money List and winning the Jack Nicklaus Trophy for the PGA Tour Player of the season. The 33 yr old indicates no indications of scaling down in 2017- confirming his position since the world’s best by winning 4 times to take his career wins about the PGA Tour to 16, and adding another President’s Cup win to his resume- winning 4.5 points out of a possible 5 in the operation.